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The importance of imported bearings, the more the need to be carefully checked

Rolling bearings using a variety of mechanical equipment, imported bearings are required for the conditions of the increasingly stringent market requirements of the equipment and other properties, the performance is also increasingly diverse. Can be from a large number of structure, size, select the most appropriate bearing, the need for different angles. In the selection of imported bearings, generally considered, as a bearing on the import, installation and removal of the difficulty of arrangements, imported bearings, size and bearing the market, such as space allows, generally decided to import bearing structure. In the use of a variety of mechanical design life and a variety of durable imported bearings to limit the import of bearings, and determine the bearing size. In the selection of imported bearings, bearings are often inclined to think, in the aging of grease life, fatigue life of grease, wear, noise is small, also need to be fully studied.

In addition, according to different purposes, it is necessary to choose on accuracy, clearance, keep frame structure, grease, specially designed bearing. However, the selection of bearings does not have a certain order, rules, should give priority to the requirements of imported bearings, conditions, performance, and related matters, in particular, practical. As long as possible to maintain the original performance of the bearings, to maintain, maintain, in the first place, to prevent accidents, to ensure the reliability of operation, improve productivity, economic. Corresponding mechanical operation and maintenance operation standard, regular, best condition. Which includes monitoring the operation status, add or replace the lubricant, regular inspection clearance. As a maintenance operation, the rotating sound, vibration, temperature, lubrication condition, and so on of the bearing have been imported.

Bearing cleaning: remove bearing repair, for the first time to record the appearance of imported bearings, to confirm the remaining amount of lubricant, the use of lubricants after sampling inspection, cleaning bearings. As a cleaning agent, the general use of gasoline, kerosene. Remove the bearing cleaning, cleaning and washing fine thick is placed in a container, put the first metal gridding, make no direct contact with the imported bearing dirt container. Rough wash, if the bearings rotate dirt, damage the bearing rolling surface, it should be noted that the. In the crude oil washing, with a brush to remove grease, viscous material, generally clean, washed into a fine. Fine wash is to wash oil in one side of the bearing rotation, while carefully cleaning. In addition, cleaning oil must be kept clean

Bearing maintenance and judgment: to determine whether it can be used for cleaning after the inspection of bearing removal of bearings. Inspection of the roller, Roller Road, surface state, cage wear, import bearings clearance and the improvement of the size accuracy, has nothing to do with the damage, abnormal. Non separated small ball bearings, inner ring, with one hand to support the level of the rotation of the outer ring to confirm the smooth. Tapered roller bearings are separated from the shape of the body, can be rolling body, outer ring surface of the roller was checked. Large bearings, because they can not rotate by hand, pay attention to check the rolling of the rolling body, keep the frame, wall, such as appearance, the importance of higher import bearings, to be more careful inspection.