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Processing method of common faults in KOYO bearing using

As of the rolling bearing performance, in good conditions to maintain long-term use must be of Koyo bearing inspection and maintenance, the inspection and maintenance, to prevent failures in advance is very important, I hope according to for machine operating conditions operating standards, regular inspection and maintenance.

Regular inspection of the general use of the following methods: the operation of the inspection according to bearing the rolling sound vibration and temperature of the check and the nature of the lubricant to check the lubricant supplement or replacement time to judge. Operation check and fault handling. KOYO bearing inspection to fully observe the regular inspection and replacement of the machine and remove the bearings, check the status of the rolling surface and there is no damage and can be used again.

Prior to the use of KOYO bearings, the first to check the bearing surface, which can be inferred that the bearing is not a load of our requirements and standards. KOYO bearing surface inspection should operate under the light lamp, to the bearing of the cracks and the surface of the detailed inspection.

Rolling sound of bearing:

Koyo bearing even with slight peeling damage, the measured sound on the operation of the bearing rolling sound of the size and quality of reflection. Also announced the abnormal sound and sound rules, using acoustic logging can distinguish.

Two, bearing vibration:

For example, peeling, indentation, corrosion, crack, wear and so on are reflected in the bearing vibration measurement, KOYO bearing vibration is very sensitive to the damage of the bearing. So through the use of special bearing vibration measuring device (analysis of frequency converter, etc.) can measure the vibration of the size, through the frequency points is not a fathom out the abnormal situation in detail. The measured value due to the use of the bearing or sensor installation status and other differences, so the demand for each machine before the measurement of the measured value to determine the criteria to determine the comparison.

Three, bearing temperature:

General bearing room outside the temperature can be speculated, KOYO bearing temperature. If the application oil hole can directly measure the temperature of the bearing outer ring, it is more suitable for the. The earth, the temperature of the bearing with a running start gradually increased, 1-2 hours after the arrival of the same shape. The normal temperature of the bearing is divided due to the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine. If smooth, install suitable, bearing temperature rapid rise, can appear the abnormal high temperature when necessary to suspend the operation, preventive measures need to accept. According to a lot of test data, table 4-1 lists the various types of machinery in the bearing task when the temperature of the outer ring of the uniform value for reference. Because the temperature is affected by the smooth, rotational speed, load, and the impact of the situation, the value of the table is only revealed that the performance of the approximate temperature limits. The use of thermal sensor can always monitor the bearing temperature, and temperature across the rule value active alarm households or suspended to avoid burning shaft accident occurred.

Four, lubrication:

There is no normal lubrication, lubrication on the KOYO bearing fatigue life and friction, wear, temperature rise, vibration and so on have an important impact. Bearings can not work. Analysis of the causes of bearing damage indicates that about 40% of the bearing damage is associated with poor lubrication. Therefore, the good lubrication of bearings is an effective measure to reduce the friction and wear of the bearings.